Raven 13

Workshop Simulation

Very highly rated for simple rules, extremely exciting atmosphere and complex relationships

A unique simulation that takes place partly in virtual space and partly in real space. Participants must use their skills to understand the situation, plan activities and save people from the endangered underwater research station. Very highly rated for relatively simple rules, extremely exciting atmosphere and complex relationships inside the simulation.


The simulation can be run for the team employee group of middle managers level or for management. The boss may participate in the workshop or just observe it. This simulation builds a strong sense of community and rewards cooperation.


  • team management;
  • Agile, Scrum, self-organization;
  • building engagement;
  • situational leadership, behavioral patterns;
  • understanding talent management;
  • team competence building;
  • managing the work of subordinates;
  • communication (planning, setting goals, monitoring, problem solving, information Feedback);
  • planning (strategy, SWOT-GO, situation assessment, decision-making).


4-6h for 5-100 people The time of full simulation includes rules, iterations trial + training iteration + retrospective.


Please contact us. Phone +48 600 216 716
Email grzegorz.nawara@ignifer-labs.com

[...] The facilitator supports teams in development and at the same time how much can be learned being only a witness to the process of change. You look at the participants from a different perspective and see something that escapes every day when you sit in action.

Remigiusz Kinas
Director of the Design Office at the NEUCA Group

In a very interesting way I proved myself in various roles: people from a team pursuing a common goal, a person controlling their own area, a person responding to quickly emerging problems.

Paulina Wacholc
Project Manager, OPONEO.PL

Im dłużej się zastanawiać [nad symulacją], tym większa jest świadomość analogii do codzienności pracy.

Paulina Wacholc
Project Manager, OPONEO.PL

A lot of walking and interaction - I wanted to move from the chair in the workshop :)

Workshop participant