Workshop Simulation

Mir'91 is based on real events

A unique simulation that takes place partly in virtual space and partly in real space. During the simulation, we move to the Mir space station during the final STS-91 mission. Our goal is to accomplish as many tasks as possible that make up the mission.

The simulation is conducted by a facilitator. All participants play together and are in the same virtual and real space. The Game Master (certified facilitator) can adapt the simulation to the needs of the group in many ways. Mir'91 can be used to work with a wide range of phenomena related to the planning and organization of group work.


The simulation can be run for the team employee group of middle managers level or for management. The boss may participate in the workshop or just observe it. This simulation builds a strong sense of community and promotes collaboration.


  • team management;
  • Agile, Scrum, self-organization;
  • cooperation;
  • leadership;
  • team competence building;
  • planning;
  • communication;


The simulation can be conducted for any time according to the teacher’s plan. During the workshop, the simulation can be repeatedly stopped and restarted, interlacing other content. The minimum useful workshop time is 2 hours The number of participants is 5-100 people


Please contact us. Phone +48 600 216 716
Email grzegorz.nawara@ignifer-labs.com

Completely unique [simulation]

Workshop participant
SuperDojo Conference

You have restored my faith in cooperative tools! Thank you

Workshop participant
Feedback after the workshop

What is over? Let's play again!

Workshop participant
Feedback after the workshop

Very calm game atmosphere. There is time to plan everything and get along in a team.

Workshop participant
Feedback after the workshop

A very interesting tool to understand the role of the leader. I saw myself among others in a completely new way.

Workshop participant
Feedback after the workshop