Stronghold Poznan

Workshop Simulation

A classic, simulated and highly rated trainer simulation of an epidemic of an unknown disease.

The army closes the city and tries to save the remaining people from aggressive Infected. Work is underway on the antidote. However, not everyone is interested in saving people … The pace of events forces very difficult decisions.


The simulation can be run for the team employee group of middle managers level or for management. The boss may participate in the workshop or just observe it. This simulation can be a powerful diagnostic tool in the training process.


  • facilitation of the group process;
  • diagnostics of a wide spectrum of skills;
  • communication (planning, setting goals, monitoring, problem solving, feedback);
  • strategy - preparation, communication, application and change of strategy;
  • coopetition (cooperation in competitive conditions);
  • building engagement;
  • planning (strategy, SWOT-GO, situation assessment, decision making).


6-8h for 4-12 people Includes rules, trial iteration + training iteration + retrospective.


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Top game

Edyta Ponarad
Executive coach and personal development trainer

I completely changed my way of working as a coach. I have a feeling that I jumped a few floors up. [...] what's happening is amazing. I work with client problems in the game. The client designs his problems at play or the other way round - he works. They claim to show him what he has in mind.

Rafał Balicki
Business trainer, coach, mediator

Why are my clients using the Stronghold? Real emotions, the opportunity to play the game many times, engagement, participants respond well to it

Robert Zych
Boss, business trainer, coach