Grzegorz Nawara

Talking to other people is important. My simulations let me meet another person more fully. To experience common anxiety, bitterness of defeat and euphoria of victory. Maybe thanks to them somebody will choose conversation instead of war.


10+ years of experience in game design. 10+ years of experience in team building and IT project management. Most experience in strategy, agile, crisis management, communication, team building and negotiations.

My simulations

Each simulation is of course different, but there are several features common to all titles. All simulations are platforms - they allow you to work with various issues depending on the chosen scenario. The group can go through the same simulation many times and each time experience completely new phenomena. Each time also the story on which the simulation is based is addictive and full of metaphors. Most simulations show the power of collaboration and build the group’s confidence in the teacher.

[...] I tested the support myself in a difficult situation :-) Thank you again for saving me last weekend!

Bo┼╝ena Janowska
Trener, konsultant HR, coach ICC

[...] I value your work very much. Do not stop!!!

Artur Rzepecki
Executive Coach & Facilitator