Game Master Certification Process


We rely on a simple license model and put a lot of work into the proper preparation of the trainer to run a simulation workshop.


The certification process prepares the trainer for theoretical and practical simulation. A new trainer is usually ready to lead the first workshop after a few days.

The certification process is determined individually and usually includes:

  • introduction to game mechanics (remotely, approx. 30 minutes),
  • introduction to our proprietary method of conducting simulation workshops (remotely, approx. 45 minutes),
  • participation in a demonstration workshop as a participant (about 2 hours),
  • participation in a demonstration workshop as an observer (about 2 hours),
  • independent running of a training workshop,
  • telephone support of an experienced Game Master (certified lecturer with many years of experience),
  • conducting a workshop with supervision once a year to exchange experiences.


We also run intensive methodological workshops in small groups (train-the-trainer).

The goal of the methodological workshop is:

  • practical simulation training,
  • deepening knowledge about the operation of simulation,
  • exchange of experiences and discussion on directions of simulation development.

Methodical workshops usually last 4-6 hours. The price of each methodological workshop is determined individually depending on the number and experience of participants.