Katarzyna Łukowska

Certified Game Master

I teach inspirational and effective change.

I am a doctor of humanities in the field of psychology, but also a qualified economist. I combine scientific knowledge with practical skills that I gained in business.

I support leaders in professional and personal development.

I am an expert in the field of emotional intelligence, I devoted my PhD thesis to this issue. I am also a graduate of Mindfulness and Compassion postgraduate studies and a Mindfulness trainer, during MBCT Oxford certification and a consultant of the diagnostic method Harvard DISC3, which examines human personality.

In cooperation with me you will get to know yourself better, you will be more aware of your own potential, which will increase your effectiveness. Thanks to this, you will achieve your goals faster and avoid many mistakes, as well as increase the quality of your work.

Trainer’s work and development is my passion. I spent almost 15,000 hours in the training room and as part of the coaching sessions. I work for managers and their teams of the largest companies in Poland. My motto is faith in man and development opportunities. Fascinating to me in people is that even if they have limitations that block their development, with hard work, commitment and support, they are able to amaze themselves with their own achievements.

I support positively and practically everyone who needs change in the development of talents and passion. I know that age is not a limit, although it can be an excuse, and scientific research and my experience confirm this.

Katarzyna Łukowska